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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Southern Balloon Journeys offers hot air balloon rides in Alabama all year, winter and summer. Balloon rides are conducted early mornings and late afternoons when the winds are the calmest. You will need to have 3 to 4 hours of time available for your ballooning experience. Flights in the morning start about an hour before sunrise when we arrive at the launch site. Preflight operations take about an hour to complete which include getting the latest FAA weather briefing, balloon system assembly and inflation. The flight will last about an hour depending on the wind speed and landing site options. Then upon landing the balloon is packed away and we celebrate the flight with a toast. Passengers are encouraged to participate in the balloon inflation if they want to take in the full experience of a hot air balloon ride. Cost is $250.00 per person for two or three passengers on a flight. For one person the cost is $350.00. A deposit is required to reserve a date for your flight. Contact us today to reserve your flight. (price subject to change)

Tether Rides

Tether rides are conducted any time during the day depending on the weather conditions. We will arrive about an hour before the event to set everything up. Tether operations will last until all of the usable fuel is used, which is a little over two hours. The balloon needs an area approximately 200′ square for tethering. This is a great way to draw people in and bring attention to your event. Contact us to reserve your date and inquire about pricing.

Gift Certificates are available to give to family and friends. Contact us and order yours today.

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